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ESGR Subcommittees

ESGR’s four volunteer subcommittees provide direction and coordination for ESGR activities.  They include:  

ESGR Board of Directors

In conjunction with the ESGR Executive Director, ESGR’s term-appointed volunteer Board of Directors ensures a dynamic volunteer-led and volunteer-centric Department of Defense program by overseeing ESGR’s vision, mission, and values.

Mr. Ron Bogle, ESGR National Chair and Chair of the Board

Mr. James Combs (State Chair), Vice Chair of the Board (Strat) and CA State Chair

Mr. James Mungenast (State Chair), Vice Chair of the Board (OPS) and TN State Chair

Mr. Leverette Hoover, Regional Representative (West)

Mr. Edward Hamilton, Regional Representative (Southeast)

Mr. Scott J Staudinger, Regional Representative (Central)

Mr. Earl Bonett, Regional Representative (Northeast)

Mr. Sergio (Satch) Pecori, Employer Representative

Ms. Laurie Silvey, Employer Representative and IL State Chair

CMSgt Warisar Villarreal, DPFSC/ESGR Senior Enlisted Advisor

CAPT Robert L. Underhill Jr., ESGR Executive Director

 Recommendations can be sent to:

Outreach Subcommittee

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Outreach Director, to assist in the development and execution of all outreach programs for ESGR Outreach programs.  Members include:

            Mr. Larry Jones, Chair NE ( State Chair, Louisiana)

            Mr. David Blackorby, Vice Chair North East Rep, Texas

            Mr. Joseph "Mike" Richie, South East Rep, Kentucky

            Mr. Robert Austin, West Region Rep, Wyoming

            Mr. Leo McGuire, Northeast Region Rep, New Jersey

            Mr. Terry McCollom, Central Region Rep, Illinois

               Mr. Bernard Gaydos , VOTY Rep Military Outreach, Georgia

               Mr. Greg Peck, VOTY Rep Employer Outreach, California

               Mr. Speedy Castillo, VOTY Rep Public Affairs, Texas

               Ms. Marianne Downs, HQ ESGR, PAO

               Mr. Bruce Townshend, HQ ESGR

Subcommittee recommendations can be sent to:

Volunteer Support Subcommittee

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Volunteer Support Director, to assist in the management, improvement, and execution of the ESGR volunteer, information technology, and training programs.  Members include: 

            Mr. Eli Wishart, Chair, South Carolina

            Mrs. Cindy Reese, Vice Chair, Idaho

            Mr. Timothy Zack, Northeast Region Rep, New York

            Ms. Stephanie Vojvoda, Southeast Region Rep, North Carolina

            Ms. Wyvette L. McLendon, Central Region Rep, Texas 

    Mr. Max Carre, West Region Rep, Wyoming

              Mr. B. Shane Morris, IT Rep (VOL), Wisconsin

              Mr. John Steele, IT Rep (VST) Texas

              Ms. Susan Kyle, Training Rep, Tennessee

               Mr. George Nami, VOTY Rep Operations

              Mr. Norman Naylor, VOTY Rep Training

               MAJ Samone Chapman, HQ, ESGR VS

Subcommittee recommendations can be sent to:

Ombudsman Subcommittee

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Ombudsman Services Director to assist in providing facts and technical assistance regarding ESGR Ombudsman issues.  Members include: 

            Mr.  Joseph Straten, Chair, Virginia

            Ms. Kathy Wright, Vice Chair, Wyoming

            Mr. Frank Blalock, Southeast Region Rep,North Carolina

            Mr. Edward Facey, Northeast Region Rep,New Hampshire

            Mr. George Nami, Central Region Rep,Texas 

            Mr. Joseph R. Boscaccii, West Region Rep,California 

            Mr. Daniel Arp, VOTY Rep Ombudsman, Tennessee

            Mr. Lonnie Lawrence HQ, ESGR

            Lt Col Collette Ching HQ, ESGR

            Mr. Richard Greenlee HQ, ESGR

            Ms. Marie Obiekwe HQ, ESGR

Subcommittee recommendations can be sent to: