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Chief of Security Police at Butler County Community College receives Patriot Award

  • Chief of Security Police at Butler County Community College receives Patriot Award

EL DORADO, Kan. – Butler County Community College Chief of Police James Bryan was honored with a Patriot Award Feb. 14 for superior support of his employee, and member of the Kansas Army National Guard, Staff Sgt. Daniel Gorman, who serves with the Modular Training Battalion in Salina, Kansas.

Gorman began working at Butler Community College in 2007.  He states, “In 2011, James T. Bryan was brought on board as the Director of Public Safety.  While I took my responsibilities as a security officer seriously, Chief Bryan offered me a new direction and opportunity.  Simply put, he told me to attend the academy and become a certified law enforcement officer.  I accepted his challenge and graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Academy in April, 2015.  During his time as Director, Chief Bryan has consistently shown the utmost respect for my service in the Kansas Army National Guard.  He has shared information, with other staff, about the cross training I had received, which will aid the department to move forward.  Because I am an instructor at the Regional Training Center in Salina, Kansas, my duties do not always fall one weekend a month.  At least one week each quarter I am placed on orders to instruct weapons familiarization to soldiers, which leaves our department a little short staffed.  During those times my co-workers, including Chief Bryan, have stepped up to cover my shift.”

Chief Bryan responded to this nomination, stating, “Gorman has helped me with institutional knowledge.  As many as eleven officers have pulled midnight shifts while Gorman has been off work due to military leave.  Gorman transfers his Army National Guard skills to Butler Community College.  His maturity as a Guardsman is also a plus.  I believe that Homeland Security equates to hometown security so supporting Gorman with his military leave is my way of supporting the entire military and Homeland Security.”

Bryan received the Patriot Award from Kansas ESGR Area Chair, Jim Wishart at a Butler Community College Board Meeting.

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